Multi-stage poultry cage cleaning machine

The multi-stage poultry cage cleaning machine adopts advanced cleaning technology and has the characteristics of high efficiency and hygiene. The machine is divided into multiple cleaning stages to ensure that every corner of the poultry cage is thoroughly cleaned. First, preliminary flushing through a high-pressure water gun; then, the brushing system deeply cleans the surface and internal structure of the poultry cage; finally, high-temperature disinfection ensures sterility. The cleaning machine is simple to operate, convenient to maintain, and effectively improves the hygiene level and work efficiency of the slaughterhouse. With intelligent design, it can adapt to the needs of slaughterhouses of different sizes, and is an ideal choice for cleaning poultry cages in the slaughtering industry. Multi-stage poultry cage cleaning machine to ensure food safety and help the development of the slaughtering industry.

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Multi-stage poultry cage cleaning machine

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