Is the industrial sewage treatment equipment installed on the ground or underground?


There are various kinds of industrial sewage treatment equipment in the market. It refers to that in industrial production, enterprises carry out scientific and effective operation procedures for the possible sewage in the production process to ensure that the water quality can be recycled again. As a result, no waste liquid is discharged from the plant, and many consumers have not contacted the industrial sewage treatment equipment before choosing. Is the equipment on the ground or buried underground?
Industrial sewage treatment equipment will be installed on the ground. It is necessary to establish some heating and insulation rooms, so it needs to occupy a certain floor area, and because it is installed on the ground, it is easy to maintain and maintain due to equipment failure. Long service life, industrial sewage treatment equipment is less affected by environmental factors, because it is widely used in different areas of sewage treatment with different water quality.
Because the industrial sewage treatment equipment can be buried underground, the equipment can save floor space. The floor can be used for various purposes, saving land and burying industrial sewage reuse treatment equipment. Low noise, little impact on the environment, small mud production, easy to use, and less labor. However, because it is buried underground, once it fails, it is not convenient to repair. It is necessary to protect the equipment from freezing and flooding in summer and winter. The adaptability to the environment is not strong, which is the disadvantage of underground.