Power supply guarantee for hospital sewage treatment equipment


1. Users need to pay attention to the problem of equipment leakage protection switch. The leakage protection switch shall be checked frequently, and the test jump shall not be less than once a month. If it fails, it shall be replaced immediately. After the fuse is blown out or the leakage protection switch trips, find out the factors and eliminate the faults before resuming power transmission.
2. It is necessary to timely wrap the disconnected or cracked exposed live joints with insulating cloth and place them in places where people are not easy to touch.
3. Do not damage the wires of the sewage treatment equipment in the hospital, do not pull the wires randomly, and replace the wires, plugs or sockets and other electrical equipment in time when they are found damaged.
4. It is prohibited to use steel tape or steel tape to measure around the sewage treatment equipment of the live Hospital; When someone is maintaining the hospital sewage treatment equipment, it is necessary to inform the operator in advance before connecting the power supply.