What filtering functions does the integrated water purifier include


1. Purification: it can effectively filter the sediment, rust, heavy metals and residual chlorine in the water, and remove the color, odor, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water, so as to achieve direct drinking.
2. Mineralization: make the water contain a variety of minerals and trace elements required by the human body, and maintain the nutritional balance in the body.
3. Magnetization: make the small molecular group water more stable, orderly arranged and have the function of information memory, and increase a large amount of oxygen that can be absorbed by the human body.
4. Activation: it can change the structure of water molecules, making macromolecular water into hexagonal small molecular water, also known as cell water. It can quickly interact with the molecular groups inside and around the cell, import nutrients into the cell, and bring toxic substances out. Increasing the oxygen content by 2.7 times can inhibit the propagation of microorganisms and has a good antibacterial effect. With ultra-low oxidation/reduction potential (-150mv - -350mv), it can effectively eliminate free radicals in the body and delay human aging.
5. Weak alkalization: adjust the pH value of water to make it weak alkaline, balance the pH of human cell liquid, and improve human health. (according to the survey, 70% of diseases occur in people with acid constitution, while 85% of patients with gout, hypertension, cancer and hyperlipidemia are acid constitution.