Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This statement explains the information practices for the site, including the collection and tracking what type of information, how to use the information and with whom to share this information. So when you visit our site, we will do our best to help you maintain thecontrol of personal dataon the Internet.


1. The collection of your information

To provide the better service for you, While in the process of products probation application, purchase and online consultation,you will be asked to offer your name (company name), address and contact information.


2. The use of your information

Your information will be treated with extraordinary secrecy. They are only be used for learning your need and offering you the best service. In some cases, we may contact you by these information for market research or providing you the information that might interest you.


3. The control of your information

When the information are provided by message, they are visible for us and other third parties. If you want to keep your information confidential, pls send email  ( or call us directly. Our telephone number is :0086 -536-6435788. Your email will be also treated with extraordinary secrecy. They will not be given to other third parties without your permission.


4. The security of your information

CE Dongli will carefully protect your date from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, modified and dustruction. Your date will be stored in the passord-contralled serves, so any access to your information will be limited.


5. The modification and deletion of your information

If you need to modify or delete your information , pls send email( or call us directly. Our telophone number is:0086-536-6435788.


6. The  modification of this statement.

Our company reserves the right to explain this statement. This statement can be  amended, altered, changed and modified by our company at any time. In the above  situation , we will advise our users at the striking position on our website. 


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The disputes caused by this statement or our website are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of People's Republic of China.