• Name: Air Flotation Clarifier
  • NO.: hb23
  • Add Time: 2011-05-20
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Adopt the air dissolving flotation theory, secondary surface capturing theory and laminar flow theory, completely separate suspending particles in water in a unique way, the unique WSB capturing device makes small suspending particles more likely to be flocculated, and the consumption of polymers is lowered. The WGB sludge condensation device can make the sludge concentration reach as high as 12%, the removal rate of suspensions close to 100% and the removal rate of COD reach as high as 85%. The product has the characteristics of low power consumption, convenient installation and long service life due to adoption of stainless steel structure and anti-corrosive raw materials; and with a rectangular (ZWF-1) or round tower-shaped (ZWF-II) design, it is suitable to be used for treating and recycling waste water generated in recovery of white water, pulping of waste paper, dyeing, hospital, etc. and other liquid containing suspensions.

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