• Name: Slaughtering Sewage Treatment Equipment
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Slaughterhouse wastewater highly contains pollutants, so it can reach the national environment protection requirements after proper treatment.

The slaughterhouse wastewater contains a lot of organic matters, it is quite suitable to use aerobic bacteria to decompose BOD and COD in wastewater, the wastewater enters the coagulation tank for reaction, and then the pollutants are fully mixed with bubbles in the shallow air flotation machine to be brought out of water surface.

In this project, water is less consumed, the majority of water is used for making preparations and performing chemical tests, the post-treatment water can be used for washing, the water for daily consumption can be well supplied by a water facility, and the treated water can be discharged nearby. In the slaughterhouse wastewater treatment project, some pollutants are generated while the wastewater is treated, such as sedimentation sludge and waste slag. In order to avoid secondary pollution, the sludge can be dried and used as organic fertilizer.

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